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Frequently Asked Questions

After upgrading or updating Windows you may find saving as PDF, Email Attachments and Print Preview no longer works as expected and comes up with a not printer not activated -30 (or similar) error when you try and save as PDF or email a PDF.

You may see a message box similar to this

AWM uses Amyuni PDF drivers, Windows updates can sometimes want to update these drivers which is what causes the issue especially on Windows 10.

There are 2 possible steps needed to fix issue.

Step 1

Close down Auto Workshop Manager.

Open Windows Control Panel ( Click start and begin typing control panel)
* not to be confused with settings on Windows 10

Double click to open Devices and Printers

Right click on PrinterSwitch PDF Printer

Choose Remove Device
When you next start Auto Workshop Manager the PrinterSwich PDF Printer should reinstall itself and resolve issue.

If this has not resolved the issue perform Step 1 again but do not open Auto Workshop Manager and progress to step 2.

Step 2

The PDF Drivers are included with the install of Auto Workshop Manager, these can be found at the following locations:


Run the Install.bat file to re-install PDF Printer/Driver.


If you suffer a power failure, critical windows crash or similar whilst Auto Workshop Manager is running and reading/writing data, when you next try to open AWM you may see the following error message:

The file awm.dat is either not part of this solution, or damaged.


Make sure Auto Workshop Manager is closed.

Press and Hold the CTRL and shift keys together and then click the Auto Workshop Manager icon as you would to normally open AWM but make sure your holding those keys down at the same time.

You should now be presented with the below box.

Select awm.dat file by clicking it and highlighting it then click the select button.

Auto Workshop Manager will now run its inbuilt repair utility at the end you should be presented with a box as follows:
Click OK

You will now be presented with the following box:
Click the cancel button.

Start Auto Workshop Manager as you normally would, hopefully issue is resolved.
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