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Frequently Asked Questions
AWM Version: 1.85 New Features & Maintenance
Release Date: 14/03/2019

New Feature: Xero Accounts Data Export
Sales and purchase data can now be exported to cvs files fully prepared and correctly formatted for direct import into Xero accounts.
This will asist customers who are required to make electronic submitions to HMRC MTD (Making Tax Digital).
New Feature: Quick Search
This new facility will allow you to submit for instance a registration number and will return all records of: Customers, Customer Invoices and Customer Vehicles all in one handy screen.
New Feature: Visual notifications when essential services are about to expire.
Bug Fixes
Reminders: Addresses  "no records are present" when certain conditions are met.
Text Vehicle Testing reminders: Addresses issue when text message may only be partially sent due to non standard charcters being used.
AWM Version: 1.84 Maintenance Release

Release Date: 11/09/2018


Purpose: Update VRML Service

As this is a maintenance release, i.e needed to continue using VRML services customers who do not have an active support agreement can still get this update by downloading the latest trial version and installing it. Please make sure that you perform a backup prior to performing any upgrade.

Vehicle Registration Mark Lookup

Our supplier of vehicle registration mark lookups has instructed us that the services they currently provide us are ceasing (Sept 2018) and therefore we need to move our services onto a different platform. As a result of this change we have needed to create an AWM update to reflect these changes and ensure continuity of VRML services.

PLEASE NOTE: VRML services after September 2018 will not be accessible unless this update is applied.


Added ability to reinstall PDF Printer from Utility Menu.
There are a number of methods to update Auto Worskhop Manager and which method you use depends on which version of Auto Workshop Manager your currently running.

Version 1.69 or later (From March 2011)

Automatic Updates
Requires: PC running Auto Workshop Manager to be connected to the internet.

On opening Auto Workshop Manager it will check online and see if there is a new version available. If an update is available a button will be displayed on the main menu, all you need to do is click this button and then follow the on screen instructions to perform an automated upgrade.

Versions 1.55 – 1.68

If your using versions 1.55 through to 1.68 you will need to follow the below procedure to perform a manual update.

Instructions on how to perform a manual update.



For customers using versions of Auto Workshop Manager prior to 1.55 do not attempt to perform upgrade. We will have to perform a data migration for you, please raise a support ticket.

This upgrade path is only for customers using XP / Vista / Windows 7.

YOU WILL NEED TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A COPY OF YOUR REGISTRATION DETAILS, you can get these from your registration email, registration card or by clicking option 4 from the support button from within Auto Workshop Manager.

For customers using Auto Workshop Manager 1.55 or later.

1. You will first need to download the latest version from our website.

2. Perform a full system backup from Auto Workshop Manager This can be achieved by clicking the support button along the title bar in Auto Workshop Manager then selecting option "5. Perform system backup".

3. Install the new version that you downloaded in step 1.

4. Enter in your registration details.

5. Launch the new version of Auto Workshop Manager and click button "ENTER REGISTRATION DETAILS", once registered navigate to setup and enter your company address and Taxation information.

6. Perform a System restore from within Auto Workshop Manager.

If you are upgrading Auto Workshop Manager from versions 1.55 through to 1.59h then you will need to click the support button along the title bar in Auto Workshop Manager then selecting option 9 Upgrade from prior version.

If you are upgrading Auto Workshop Manager from versions 1.6 onwards then you will need to click the support button along the title bar in Auto Workshop Manager then selecting option 6 Perform system restore.

You will now be running the latest version.

We have endeavoured to make the upgrade process as easy as possible. However, we appreciate that some of our customers may prefer for us to perform the upgrade on their behalf. For this reason we have introduced a chargeable service called the Assisted Upgrade Service. In order for us to perform the upgrade the computer would need to be connected to the internet.

Versions 1.0 – 1.54

Auto Workshop Manager is more than 5 years out of date and normal upgrade routes do not apply.

You have three choices:

1. Do not upgrade and stay using your current version.
2. Start from scratch, download a new version and use without taking across your existing data.
3. Contact us to migrate your data for you, a charge would be made to cover labour costs.
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