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Frequently Asked Questions
Auto Workshop Manager has a built in utility that will backup all of your data, we recommend that you perform regular backups. You can perform a backup by clicking the support button on the top menu bar from within Auto Workshop Manager and selecting option number 5 Perform system backup. This will backup all of your Auto Workshop Manager data to a folder on your c: drive c:\backup. We recommend that you should then copy this data and keep it in a secure location. The frequency of your backups will depend on how busy you are and how much updating of data is performed, we would recommend at a minimum that you perform a weekly backup but for most busy garages we would suggest a daily backup.
If you wish to replace your old PC and want to know the easiest way to transfer everything across onto the new computer then follow the below instructions:

Install Auto Workshop Manager onto the NEW PC (You can download demo version from our website)

On your OLD PC

Goto Start

My Computer

Local Disk C:

Copy the entire AWM folder to a USB Stick\drive or CD

On your NEW PC

Goto Start

My Computer

Local Disk C:

Insert usb key/CD into computer

Copy and then paste the contents of the USB/CD AWM folder from your USBkey\CD into to the awm folder on your c drive, you will be prompter to overwrite files make sure you select yes.

The version on the new computer is now upto date.
⁄When AWM performs a system backup it stores your backup files in the following location:


If you have not subscribed to our online backup solution we recommend that you include this location in your usual backup regime. Or regularly (Daily/weekly) copy this directory to a USB key. It is really important that you keep a copy of your backup data in a safe location preferably offsite.

If you have enrolled into our online backup solution relax we have taken care of all this for you.
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